Shabbat (Shevet) Ahim gam Yachad: Celebrating Shabbat Together

This is a new and unique initiative currently being created to use Shabbat as a driving force  for optimism.  The project offers an opportunity to encounter ourselves and our peers in a week-long journey culminating with Shabbat.  It is designed to take place in various mechinot and gap-year programs and can be offered in variety of other community settings.  The program is modular, is adapted to the needs of each site and is created in conjunction with local educators and leaders.

The program invites participants to experience a special week which will enable them to explore themselves, their family and their people and experience new possibilities

Our people are unique in their sense of responsibility for one another and in their incredible resilience.  Despite all the technology of communication, the modern world can foster a sense of isolation and discouragement.  At these times, knowing you are surrounded by a caring community can offer a sense of hope and relief.

Shabbat especially offers an opportunity to see the world in a different light -to discover the points of light and our connections as people, as Jews and as Israelis and utilize this energy to cope with the challenges of the week. During the week there will be discussion groups and study connected to modern day issues. The Mechina/Midrasha will also put their discussions and study into action through implementation of a relevant project.

When this program was run at the Maoz Mechina in Lod, the Torah scroll that was dedicated in Gil-ad’s honor was brought to the Mechina amidst celebration, learning, prayer and discussion.  This Torah will be brought to the Shabbat programs where relevant as a symbol of how each person contributing a little can create a complete whole.

People from different backgrounds will learn together,

Reminding us we are one people, resilient, capable and hopeful.

For more information contact Michal Cababia  (052) 876-1623