GCC - Global Connection Competition

Approximately half of the fourteen million Jews in the world live in Israel.  When we come to the realization of the fact that we are one People, fourteen million strong, we  can understand that strengthening the connections among Jews in Israel and the Diaspora is crucial and significant for all.

Dialogue and a process are needed to define the future of these connections based on recognition and respect for the diversity of the communities and a realization that at the same time we are two sides of the same coin.

This was the goal of the Global Connection Competition.

This was a new and unique competition which brought together a broad spectrum of organizations from all over the world.  We searched for our next unity project, but the initiative itself raised consciousness about the need to strengthen the connection among Jews throughout the world.

The competition brought together fifty different and diverse Jewish organizations from around the world.  Seven hundred proposals from twenty-two different countries in five different languages were received. Approximately half were from Israel, and half from other countries. The youngest competitor was eleven and a half years old and the oldest was eighty years old. The average age of participants was between twenty and forty years old.

More details can be found here: http://gcc.sonshine.org.il



Three proposals made it to the semi-finals, you can learn more by clicking on the video link:

·        You are My Brother!

The project will work on an educational and values level to establish, through various means, a symbolic status of “a Diaspora Jew who is not an Israeli citizen” in order to strengthen the connection between him/her and the State of Israel.

·        The Jewish World Trail

The project will develop a “worldwide Jewish trail” that will pass through various venues throughout the world, will include unique routes, and create an infrastructure for connecting Israeli and Jewish travelers with “angels of the trail” – local Jews living in the vicinity of the trail.

·        Happy Birthday 2 You

The project will create a social media platform that will enable the connection among Jews all over the world celebrating and marking their birthday on that same date.

The winner was decided by a combination of online voters and the recommendation of the panel of judges; Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Former Executive Director of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky, and co-founder of SpaceIL Kfir Damari.  The winning idea, announced at a special ceremony  in June, 2019, was “The Jewish World Trail.”