The "Matok Ba'lev" ("Sweet Heart")
campaign in memory of Gil-Ad Sha'er z"l
returns this year with an extra dose of
sweetness to show support during wartime

Every year we mark Gil-Ad's birthday with this campaign
to prepare treats and share them with others
In addition, this year, no matter where you live in the
world, you can also purchase ready-made "Matok Ba'lev"
paackages online which the "Sonshine" association will
send in your name to IDF soldiers, evacuated families,
bereaved families, and families of hostages

Your purchase of a package for 7$
will support activities for families
from the Gaza border

The association is recognized for tax purposes - Section 46

כולנו לוקחים ולוקחות חלק ביום האחדות - 9.6.2024 ג סיון תשפ"ד