Unity Day

Unity Day and the Jerusalem Unity Prize were founded by the families of Eyal Ifrach, Gil-ad Shaer and Naftali Fraenkel, and former Mayor of Jerusalem MK Nir Barkat, and were inspired by the sense of unity that engulfed Israel and the Jewish world at the time of the kidnapping of Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali in 2014.

The Jerusalem Unity Prize acknowledges the efforts of organizations and individuals in Israel and the Jewish world who actively work to advance unity within Israeli society and between Israel and Jewish communities around the world. The underlying goal and vision of the Prize is to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of those who work to advance the critical importance of unity, and to inspire tolerance and mutual respect –promoting acceptance of those who think, act or live differently.

Unity Day is a global movement joining schools, youth movements, congregations and communities for activities, conversation and inspiration.  It is a day to consciously derive strength from our wholeness, uniting across labels, and across divisions.

The entire education system becomes part of the effort and children all over Israel take part in activities.  Events take place in regional youth departments, the Knesset, the IDF, the Israel Police, local authorities, organizations, youth movements from across the spectrum devote activities, youth councils join in and conduct tens of meetings around the country in community centers and various communities. Events bring together religious and secular, children and seniors, people with and without disabilities, Jews and Arabs, and include the ceremony at the President’s residence honoring the Jerusalem Unity Prize recipients. 

Learn more about Unity Day: https://unityday.org.il/home-page/

 We invite you to join us and take part in Unity Day!

For more information contact Bat Galim- 050-2555288